Leucine and ACE inhibitors as therapies for sarcopenia: a two by two factorial randomised placebo controlled trial

More Information - Why are we doing this study?

Why are we doing this study?

Muscle weakness in older people is common, and can cause problems, such as getting about and doing daily tasks.  Muscle weakness also leads to falls in older people, which in turn can lead to broken bones and hospital admissions.

So finding ways to improve muscle strength in older people is really important.  At the moment, exercise using weights or elasticated bands is the only treatment that we know works.  Not everyone can do such exercise, and not everyone wants to do exercise.  And even people who do exercise still lose muscle.  We need to find new ways of improving muscle strength in older people, and this study will test two new ways of doing that – a medication called perindopril and a food supplement called leucine.